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Which Is Right For You: Soft Lift Vs Surgical Facelift

Do feel that the years are catching up with you? Does your facial skin feel saggy or droopy? The customized Soft Lift treatments at our Kelowna skin clinic can give you an instantly firmer and lifted appearance without any surgery or significant downtime.

Soft Lift is an advanced, innovative and non-invasive skin treatment. It combines the tissue filler Juvederm with a wrinkle-smoothing injection such as Botox to address anti-aging concerns.

Soft Lifts Can Address:

  • Volume loss in cheeks and temples
  • Asymmetrical facial features
  • Wrinkles such as crows feet and smile lines
  • Thin lips

Customized Soft Lift Treatments at Our Kelowna Skin Clinic

Using the accurate VISIA Digital Analysis System, our skin care experts can provide fully customized Soft Lift treatments to meet all your unique aesthetic needs and create a more balanced, youthful, and natural-looking appearance.

Want to know more about our personalized Soft Lift treatments?


Soft Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Worried about the effects age is having on your skin and appearance? A facelift is not the only option for achieving your aesthetic goals. At our Kelowna skin clinic, we offer a variety of anti-ageing surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to choose from.

Each patient is different and you should undergo the skin treatment that is right for you and which will help you find the look you desire.

Soft Lift Cosmetic Treatment

If you’ve considered a facelift, but don’t want the expense, risk and downtime of surgery, we offer non-surgical Soft Lift treatments at our Kelowna clinic. This non-invasive facelift combines the benefits of Botox and Juvederm for a treatment that provides subtle, refreshed and youthful results.

The Botox works to:
  • Soften wrinkles around the eyes

  • Lift the brow

  • Minimize ‘smokers lines’

  • Reduce chin dimpling


The Juvederm works to:
  • Improve volume in the chin, cheeks and lips

  • Reduce nasolabial folds

  • Define the lip border

  • Lift downturned mouth corners


Am I a Soft Lift Candidate?

Soft Lift is a versatile skin treatment that is suitable for men and women of all skin types. The best candidates are those that are in good general health and with skin of a normal thickness.

However, this treatment is NOT recommended for people who are:

  • Breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Experiencing a skin infection at the treatment site
  • Allergic to any ingredients in Botox or Juvederm
  • Suffering from a neuromuscular disease
  • Known to have a history of anaphylaxis

During a personalized consultation at our Kelowna skin clinic, you can discuss your aesthetic goals and anti-aging concerns with our skin experts to best determine whether Soft Lift is a safe procedure for you.


When A Facelift Is Appropriate

Despite the lower risks and costs of a Soft Lift treatment, sometimes a facelift is a better facial rejuvenation option. This is particularly true for patients with very pronounced wrinkles, usually due to age.

Which is better: Soft Lift or a Surgical Facelift?

When deciding which anti-aging treatment is right for you, it’s important to remember that your skin specialist will take into consideration a number of factors. These include:

  • Your age
  • The severity of your anti-ageing concerns
  • Financial constraints
  • If you have time for an extensive recovery period
  • Your general health

A facelift is probably your best option when you:

  • Have prominent jowls
  • Are trying to eliminate sagging skin and fat, especially leading to a less-defined chin
  • Have very deep skin folds, producing thick lines around the nose and mouth
  • Have up to 14 days available for recovery

Get Personalized Treatment Advice Today

To find out more about the ideal skin care solutions for you, contact our Kelowna Skin Clinic at 250-868-9290 or fill in the online contact form.

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Donna McAteer

Donna McAteer

Donna is the general manager and has been with the Okana­gan Skin Care Cen­tre for over 14 years. She is a certified Es­theti­cian and previous business owner with over 20 years enjoying the skin care industry. Her passion for knowledge, integral client care and maintaining a syn­er­gis­tic team that represents professional excellence in skin care remains her focus.

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