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Embrace Winter’s Glow: Perfecting Skin with IPL Treatments
  • Jan 18, 2024
  • Okanagan Skin Care Centre

Embrace Winter’s Glow: Perfecting Skin with IPL Treatments

As we welcome the serene beauty of winter, it's also time to embrace the season as an ideal opportunity for skin rejuvenation. At Okanagan Skin Care Centre, we recognize the unique advantages that the colder months offer for Intense Pulsed Light. . .

Okanagan skin - Blog - How IPL Can Treat The Symptoms Of Rosacea
  • Apr 04, 2022
  • Donna McAteer

Rosacea Awareness Month: How IPL Can Treat The Symptoms Of Rosacea

Common Rosacea Symptoms Since April is Rosacea Awareness Month, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of rosacea in order to differentiate the skin condition from others such as acne. Common symptoms of rosacea. . .

Okanagan skin - Blog - Try An IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment To Reduce The Signs Of Aging
  • Jan 21, 2022
  • Donna McAteer

Try An IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

How Does IPL Photorejuvenation Work? IPL systems work similarly to laser treatments in that light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with colour in the skin. The light energy is then converted into heat energy, causing damage to the. . .

Okanagan Skin - Anti Aging
  • Mar 30, 2021
  • Donna McAteer

3 Mainstream Anti Aging Treatments You'll Want To Know About

Women start to age in their late 20’s to early 30’s. This is the time you will start to notice fine lines and wrinkles beginning to form, skin begins to lose its firmness, cheeks and lips begin to lose volume, under-eye shadows become more. . .

Anti-Aging Kelowna | Okanagan Skin Care Centre
  • Feb 14, 2021
  • Donna McAteer

4 Tips to Keep Signs of Facial Aging at Bay

Aging is inevitable. Luckily, there are certain steps you can take — from opting for customized anti-wrinkle treatments to following a healthy diet — that will help keep your skin more vibrant, healthy, and youthful-looking as you grow. . .

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  • Aug 12, 2020
  • Donna McAteer

Benefits of Using IPL Photorejuvenation to Treat Rosacea

Do you suffer from rosacea? Learn all about our customized IPL photorejuvenation skin treatments for rosacea and how our skin specialists can help you achieve a healthy and clear complexion. Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition. . .

  • Sep 11, 2019
  • Donna McAteer

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment

Are you feeling concerned about skin blemishes such as brown spots, pigmentation and thread veins? The customized treatments at our Kelowna clinic can give you the smooth, vibrant, and youthful looking appearance you desire. The appearance of. . .

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