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Using a combination of BOTOX® cosmetic and JUVÉDERM®, SOFT LIFT™ is an anti-aging treatment which provides you with a full face rejuvenation, preserving the natural balance and beauty of your face. 

Ideal For:
  • Adding volume to cheeks and temples
  • Eliminating smile lines
  • Plumping up thin lips 
  • Restoring facial balance
  • Enhancing the contours of your face
  • Softening and smoothing out wrinkles including crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines and mouth lines.

This non-invasive, innovative procedure is an ideal alternative to a traditional facelift, successfully targeting the same regions of your face for a quicker, safer way of naturally reinvigorating your skin.

SOFT LIFT™ Treatment in Your 30’s

Collagen and elastic skin tissue begins to decrease as early as our 30’s. Fine lines appear around the eyes, on the forehead and between your nose and mouth. The SOFT LIFT™ procedure is very effective in keeping these signs of aging at bay, focusing on prevention and rejuvenation.

SOFT LIFT™ Treatment in Your 40’s

In our 40’s, expression lines and wrinkles deepen, the corners of our mouths begin to turn down, lip volume decreases, and your jawline begins to lose its firmness. The SOFT LIFT™ procedure will relax frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet while enhancing your cheeks. The chin may be contoured for a more youthful appearance.

SOFT LIFT™ Treatment in Your 50’s

Your 50’s brings on continued deepening of wrinkles, more volume loss in the mid-face, visible sagging in the jawline and your skin may begin to thin due to collagen loss. The SOFT LIFT™ treatment will continue to keep these signs of aging as minimal as possible. The lines around the lips (often referred to as ‘smoker’s lines’) can be smoothed with or without lip enhancement, depending on the individual’s desire.

SOFT LIFT™ Treatment in Your 60’s

In your 60’s, your skin may be noticeably drier, thinner and flakier due to loss of moisture. It becomes loose and saggy and usually has lost its elasticity. Continued maintenance with SOFT LIFT™ treatments can yield a much younger, more refreshed appearance.

SOFT LIFT™ combines the enormous advantages of two of the most successful and popular anti-aging techniques to give you a complete and natural facial transformation. While BOTOX® softens the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, lifting your brow, Juvéderm® works to infuse your cheeks, chin and lips with volume for a fuller, more youthful appearance. 

  • Receiving the advantages of two anti-aging treatments in one quick procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Well-balanced, natural looking results
  • Effective alternative for more drastic surgical procedures
  • More youthful facial shapes and curves

Unlike traditional dermal fillers, SOFT LIFT™ is able to address multiple aging concerns simultaneously. By treating the whole face rather than individual parts, this revolutionary anti-aging treatment gives you more balanced, natural looking results for a truly youthful look.

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How does SOFT LIFT™ work?

Both the BOTOX® cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers are injected gently under the skin using a very thin needle. In order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you, a topical gel will be applied prior to any treatment to minimize any pain or discomfort. This procedure can take between 30-60 minutes depending on your aesthetic goals and the size of the treatment area.

Does SOFT LIFT™ have any side effects?

Both BOTOX® cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® treatments are very safe but, as with all dermal fillers, there are potential and mild side effects which include:

  • Bruising
  • Temporary weakness of adjacent muscles
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Swelling

These side effects experienced at the injection sites will typically resolve within a few days, leaving you with brighter, firmer and smoother skin.

Is SOFT LIFT™ right for me?

During a consultation with one of our skin specialists, we will take into consideration factors such as your aesthetic needs, current health status and medical history to evaluate whether SOFT LIFT™ is right for you. Typically, it should not be considered a treatment option for:

  • Patients who have severe allergies with a history of anaphylaxis
  • Patients with known allergies to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins
  • Patients with known allergies to any components of BOTOX®
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Patients who have a motor neuron disease
  • Patients who have a neuromuscular disease

When carried out safely and by a trained and experienced skin care specialist, SOFT LIFT™ is a quick and comfortable alternative to more aggressive surgical procedures, personalized for your individual goals and needs.


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