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Conditions That Can Be Treated Using A Non-Ablative Laser
  • Jan 23, 2023
  • Donna McAteer

Conditions That Can Be Treated Using A Non-Ablative Laser

How Non-Ablative Laser Treats Different Conditions How Does A Non-Ablative Laser Work? This non-invasive treatment uses fractional technology to target and repair damaged skin. The non-ablative laser uses Thulium wavelength microscopic laser. . .

The Benefits of Fraxel 1927 For Treating Actinic Keratosis 
  • Aug 24, 2022
  • Donna McAteer

The Benefits of Fraxel 1927 For Treating Actinic Keratosis

Fraxel 1927 For Actinic Keratosis  Actinic keratosis, or solar keratosis, is common in people who have a history of unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Patients normally present with actinic keratosis lesions later in life, often. . .

Okanagan Skin - Anti Aging
  • Mar 30, 2021
  • Donna McAteer

3 Mainstream Anti Aging Treatments You'll Want To Know About

Women start to age in their late 20’s to early 30’s. This is the time you will start to notice fine lines and wrinkles beginning to form, skin begins to lose its firmness, cheeks and lips begin to lose volume, under-eye shadows become more. . .

  • Nov 26, 2019
  • Donna McAteer

4 Things You Must Do Before a Fraxel Laser Treatment

Are you considering a fraxel laser therapy treatment for younger looking and more vibrant skin? Here are 4 steps you must take to prepare yourself for this cosmetic procedure. Fraxel laser therapy is an innovative cosmetic treatment that. . .

  • Oct 31, 2019
  • Donna McAteer

4 Signs You’re a Good Candidate For Fraxel Laser Therapy

Are you looking to refresh your appearance without the high costs and downtime of surgery? Here are 4 signs that you may be a good candidate for Fraxel Laser Therapy. Fraxel laser therapy is an innovative cosmetic treatment that resurfaces your. . .

  • Sep 22, 2019
  • Donna McAteer

5 Reasons to Opt For a Fraxel Laser Therapy Treatment

Are you looking for younger looking skin without any dramatic changes or extended downtime? Fraxel laser therapy works to improve tone, texture, and radiance for aging, sun damaged, or scarred skin. Fraxel laser therapy works by targeting aging. . .

  • May 17, 2019
  • Donna McAteer

3 Starter Cosmetic Procedures For Patients in their 30s

Are you looking for a cosmetic procedure that will help prevent aging, while keeping your skin vibrant and smooth? From Juvederm to Botox, here are 3 minimally invasive treatments that can keep you looking youthful. Today, a growing wave of. . .

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