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Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition in which a patient sweats excessively. This may affect the whole body or only certain areas.

Commonly affected areas include the:

  • Armpits
  • Palms
  • Soles of your feet
  • Face & chest
  • Groin

Our Kelowna skin experts understand how distressing and embarrassing hyperhidrosis can be. We offer a range of effective and safe hyperhidrosis treatments, including Botox, to help minimize the symptoms of your condition and restore the quality of your life.

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Signs & Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

There is no established guideline to determine what a ‘normal level’ of sweating is, but if excessive sweating has begun to interfere with your life, you may have hyperhidrosis.

Signs that you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis include:

  • You are reluctant about making physical contact, such as shaking hands, due to excessive sweating.
  • Sweating makes doing your job or daily activities such as driving, using the computer or writing, uncomfortable and difficult.
  • You avoid intense physical activities such as exercise or dancing because they only exacerbate your sweating problem.
  • You spend a significant amount of time dealing with your sweating such as frequently changing your clothes, placing napkins under your armpits or showering.
  • You have become socially withdrawn and self-conscious due to your sweating.

Although not life-threatening, the symptoms of hyperhidrosis can be uncomfortable and cause embarrassment and significant psychological distress.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

In the majority of cases, hyperhidrosis has no obvious cause and is thought to be the result of a problem with the part of the nervous system that controls sweating.

However, it can have multiple triggers which include:

  • Pregnancy or menopause
  • Anxiety
  • Certain medications
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • An overactive thyroid gland
  • Obesity

Treatment Options For Hyperhidrosis

One of the biggest challenges in treating hyperhidrosis is that in most cases, the patient is too embarrassed to seek help, believing their condition cannot improve.

However, there are a number of effective treatments, including lifestyle changes and Botox, which may help minimize your symptoms and reduce any discomfort caused by hyperhidrosis.


  1. Lifestyle changes

When treating hyperhidrosis, experts usually recommend starting with the least invasive treatment, such as powerful antiperspirants.

Lifestyle changes that can help reduce hyperhidrosis include: 

  • Wearing loose and light clothes
  • Avoiding hyperhidrosis triggers such as spicy food or alcohol that could worsen your symptoms
  • Wearing black or white clothes to minimize any signs of sweating
  • Tackling issues of stress to reduce your anxiety levels
  • Losing weight
  • Using talcum powder to absorb any sweat
  • Washing your hands regularly


  1. Botox Treatment

Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis is usually considered when topical treatments such as antiperspirants and medications have been unsuccessful at alleviating the symptoms.

How the Botox Treatment Works Botox is a safe and effective form of hyperhidrosis treatment and helps control sweating by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands. This prevents sweat from being produced in the treatment areas.
How Long Does The Treatment Take Depending on the size and location of the treatment area, this Botox treatment takes approximately 20 minutes.
How Long Before I Notice the Results? You will notice a reduction in sweating within the first few days but it can take up to 7 days for the Botox to take full effect.
How Often Will I Require Botox Treatment?

The effects of this Botox treatment are long-lasting but not permanent.

Typically, repeat treatments are required every 6-8 months.

Am I a Candidate For Botox Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Most patients are suitable for the Botox treatment. Those who are NOT candidates include patients who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breast-feeding
  • Have known allergies to Botox

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Learn More

To learn more about how our safe & effective Botox treatments can help eliminate the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, contact our Kelowna skin care clinic today at 250-868-9290.

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