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5 Tips For Clear Skin: Acne Treatments

5 Tips For Clear Skin: Acne Treatments

Acne can be very difficult to manage and it can cause serious self-consciousness. Although many people associate acne with teenagers, the truth is it can also occur well into adulthood at varying degrees of severity. Active acne as well as acne scars from previous bouts of acne can cause unwanted texture and redness to the face, but there are ways to treat acne. Specialty acne treatments from a skin clinic will be able to address acne using advanced, personalized treatments and they will be able to recommend products for at-home skin care. Here are some acne treatments that can help control acne and reduce the visibility of acne and acne scars.

Acne Treatments For Clear Skin

  1. Blu-U®
    Also called photodynamic therapy (PDT), this advanced form of light technology treats acne by using a blue light device. This blue light eliminates bacteria in your oil glands that would otherwise cause breakouts. Blu-U® is a gentle acne treatment that is tolerated well, making it a good option for people with sensitive skin. Blu-U® treatments are only 15 minutes and treatment should be administered 1 to 2 times a week. Because this acne treatment is mild and gentle, it works best on people with mild to moderate acne. Learn more about this Blu-U® by reading Effective Acne Treatment Using Blu-U Light Therapy.
  2. Levulan®
    This is a form of aminolevulinic acid that can be used in combination with Blu-U® for a more intense acne treatment. For people with severe acne, Levulan® will be applied to the treatment area an hour before Blu-U® treatment commences. This Levulan® preparation makes the skin more responsive to blue light and delivers more effective results. Typically this treatment will take 6 to 8 weeks before results are noticed, but this may vary as every person is unique.
  3. Chemical Peels
    This acne treatment is a type of deep exfoliation. A chemical peel will remove the top layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. The grade of chemical peel you receive will be determined after a discussion with a dermatologist and a professional skin assessment. Chemical peels work to reduce acne by removing excess oils and dead skin from hair follicles and pores, thus preventing blockages and acne development. This acne treatment can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scars.
  4. V-Beam Laser
    This is a type of pulsed dye laser that reduces the red pigment within the skin. This specialty laser delivers bursts of light that help your body reabsorb blood vessels and reduce redness. This gentle laser treatment can be used as an acne treatment to reduce the red colouration of acne lesions and scars, making them less noticeable. This treatment also addresses active acne by reducing bacteria under the skin and reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne.
  5. Professional Skin Care
    Even when you receive professional in-office treatments, you still need to keep up with at-home skin care practices. Ensure that you wash your face at least twice a day and after you sweat. Don’t irritate your skin with overly scented products, scrubbing, or picking/squeezing at acne spots. Ensure that you are using high-quality, professional skin care products as a part of at-home skin care. You should always use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, but you may also want to consider using retinols, pore minimizers, and acne treatments for added acne prevention.

Profession Acne Treatment From Okanagan Skin Care Centre

If you’re unsure what acne treatment and products are right for you, speak with a skin care specialist. At Okanagan Skin Care Centre, our skin care specialists and registered nurses are here to create a customized skin care plan and acne treatment to reduce your acne and help you get the clear, smooth skin you desire. At Okanagan Skin Care Centre, we are invested in the health and well-being of all our patients and strive to develop personalized and effective acne treatments that will give you the healthy, glowing skin you deserve. To learn more about our effective, safe, and proven acne control treatments, contact one of our skin specialists today by calling 250-868-9290 or filling out the online contact form.


Q: When should I seek help for my acne?
A: There are many stages of acne and it is advisable to come in for a consultation as soon as possible for an in-depth skin analysis. We will determine the best course of action specifically for you to achieve optimal outcomes for acne treatment.

Q: Are acne treatment results immediate?
A: All acne treatments take time. Expect results in 6 to 8 weeks.

Q: Can all types of acne be treated the same?
A: No. Not only are there many different skin types, but there are also many different types of acne. Your skin type, the type of acne you have, and any sensitivities you may have will all dictate the type of acne treatment or combinations of acne treatments that are right for you. Speak to a skin care professional or registered nurse at Okanagan Skin Care Centre to receive customized skin care that can appropriately address your acne.

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