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Turn Back The Clock With IntimaLase

For years there has been no reliable solution to counter thining of the wall of the vagina - until IntimaLase. IntimaLase makes it possible to tighten the vaginal walls with a non-invasive laser treatment.

What Is IntimaLase?

IntimaLase is a unique, efficient and non-invasive solution for vaginal relaxation and atrophy. This Er:YAG laser therapy is used for photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal. IntimaLase helps patients who experience Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome - a condition that has to do with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth or as a result of natural aging.


IntimaLase - The Procedure

During the IntimaLase Procedure, a special non-ablative laser attachment similar to a speculum, which is used during a Pap test, is inserted into the vagina. Through this process, the vaginal region is treated with short laser pulses that tighten the vaginal tissue by stimulating collagen and synthesizing new collagen fibres in the vaginal tissue.


The Benefits Of IntimaLase

  • Non-ablative, minimally invasive procedure
  • 15-minute, non-surgical procedure
  • Safer, faster and more patient-friendly procedure
  • Tightened vaginal canal
  • No downtime
  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • Improvement in quality of life


Post-IntimaLase Effects

After completing a 15-minute procedure patients are permitted to leave and carry on with their daily routine pending some restrictions. It is common to experience some mild swelling, redness or transparent discharge in the first 3 days following the procedure. For the first two weeks following the procedure, it is important to avoid activities that increase pressure on the bladder and treatment area. 

This means:

  • Do not engage in sexual intercourse
  • Avoid exercising or lifting weights
  • Refrain from using tampons
  • And any other restriction outlined by your healthcare provider


Who Is A Good Candidate For IntimaLase?

As with most medical procedures, there are many factors that determine who is a candidate for the IntimaLase procedure. In most cases, women who are older or living through illnesses benefit most from the treatment procedure. However, the following symptoms can help you determine whether or not you are in need of this treatment.

You may be a candidate for IntimaLase if:

  • You experiencing menopause or pre-menopause
  • You have noticed a change in the appearance of your vagina or vulva
  • You experience pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • You are experiencing burning or itching sensations

You are not a candidate for IntimaLase if:

  • You have severe vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse
  • You have HPV that has been present in the past 3 years
  • You have a history of gynecologic cancer history or surgery
  • You have an active urinary tract infection or breakage of the skin

Keep in mind that this list is a guideline and should not be used in place of a professional consultation. It is imperative to receive a full checkup before beginning treatment.


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Donna McAteer

Donna McAteer

Donna is the general manager and has been with the Okana­gan Skin Care Cen­tre for over 14 years. She is a certified Es­theti­cian and previous business owner with over 20 years enjoying the skin care industry. Her passion for knowledge, integral client care and maintaining a syn­er­gis­tic team that represents professional excellence in skin care remains her focus.

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