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Incorporating BOTOX® Into Your Beauty Routine

Incorporating BOTOX® Into Your Beauty Routine

Maintaining healthy, wrinkle-free skin takes more than just daily cleansing and regular moisturizing. Without putting in conscious effort on your part to keep your youthful glow, the process of aging could be causing dull skin. Even with a careful beauty routine, you will still naturally lose volume in your face and develop creases that make you look older than you feel. Beauty fads come and go, but, BOTOX® has remained the top anti-aging skincare treatment. Both men and women opt for BOTOX® more than any other cosmetic treatment because it is minimally invasive, long-lasting, and effective at treating wrinkles and fine lines. All of these benefits contribute to making BOTOX® North America’s most popular, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

What Is BOTOX® And How Does it Work?

BOTOX® is FDA approved to temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes), frown lines, and forehead lines. BOTOX® is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The toxin produced is called botulinum, and when used correctly by a medical professional, it can have both cosmetic and medical benefits. It comes in a powder form, and your doctor dilutes it with saline to make it an injectable. The botulinum toxin, once injected, kicks into action by blocking nerve transmission in nearby muscles, effectively freezing the area. The injected muscle can no longer contract, causing the wrinkles and fine lines to soften while preventing new ones from forming.  BOTOX® stays only where it is injected, so no need to worry about the effects showing up in other areas of your body.

Adding BOTOX® To Your Beauty Routine

BOTOX® injections are safe, minimally invasive, and quick, so it is easy to integrate into your beauty routine. You can easily come in for an appointment during your lunch break and head back to work without discomfort or requiring any downtime. The effects of this cosmetic treatment will last 3-4 months, at which time you visit your dermatologist for another quick fifteen-minute appointment to receive more injections. 

To maintain the youthful glow provided by BOTOX® injections, it is highly recommended that you take extra precautions to incorporate a skincare regime that protects your skin from environmental factors such as the sun and pollution. To ensure your BOTOX® results are long-lasting and to maintain optimal results, here are some tips to incorporate into your beauty routine:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stay physically active
  • Always remove makeup before bed
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser daily
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! One of the most important things you can do to reduce the signs of premature aging is making sunscreen a number one priority in your skincare routine. . Make sure you are wearing quality, high SPF sunscreen every day regardless if it is sunny, overcast; winter and summer. 

By incorporating BOTOX® into your beauty routine and focussing on taking extra care of your skin by following a consistent skincare routine, you will be able to restore your skin to reveal a smooth, wrinkle-free glow for many years to come.

Incorporate BOTOX® Into Your Beauty Routine Today!

If you are seeking to improve your appearance and restore your skin to its youthful state, BOTOX® is one of the most effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By simply smoothing lines and wrinkles on your face, BOTOX® can minimize the inevitable effects of aging. 

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Q: How long does a BOTOX® treatment take?
A: Receiving a BOTOX® treatment is very quick. Depending on your skincare needs, appointments take no longer than fifteen minutes and require no downtime so you can resume your daily activities right away.

Q: How long do BOTOX® injections last?
A: BOTOX® injections normally last anywhere from 3-4 months before its effects start to wear off.

Q: Can you receive BOTOX® injections and filler injections at the same time?
A: Yes, you can! Combining the superpowers of both these treatments will instantly restore volume in your face while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines to restore a youthful appearance. Combining these treatments together is commonly known as “ the non-surgical facelift.”

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Donna McAteer

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