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Give The Gift Of Life And Health

After the Humboldt tragedy in Saskatchewan, many Canadians were inspired to become organ donors to give the gift of life to other people. 

We extend our sincere condolences to those who lost family members and friends in the crash and wish those who were injured a safe and speedy recovery.

While we normally focus on skincare, we’d like to take this opportunity to outline to outline to any interested readers how to become organ and tissue donors in B.C.

How Does Tissue Donation Help?

Donating tissue is an amazing way to give the gift of health to others.

Donors are able to give their:

  • corneas
  • skin
  • heart valves
  • none
  • blood vessels
  • connective tissue

Signing up to be a tissue donor can be a significant way to help others. Organs can only be donated in specific circumstances, even among donors who’ve signed their cards. For example, a patient who passes away must be in the hospital on a respirator. However, tissue can be donated by individuals who have passed away under different circumstances. When someone donates tissue in addition to organs, they are increasing their possibility of being a donor.


Frequently Asked Questions About Organ And Tissue Donations

How Do I Register To Donate?

BC organ donors must register if they wish to donate their organs. You can register by signing up through BC Transplant. You can also verify your status at any time by signing back into the portal using your provincial health card. If you live in a different province or country, check your jurisdiction’s health website, which usually contains information about this process.


What Impact Will My Donations Have?

A tissue donation can improve the lives of 50-100 others. If you are an organ donor as well, you can save an additional 6-8 lives.


Is There An Age Limit For Donations?

There is no age restriction on donors.


Is There A Financial Cost To Donating Tissue?

There is no cost to the donor or the donor’s family.


If I Donate My Organs Or Tissue, Can I Still Have An Open Casket Funeral?

Yes, you can still have an open casket funeral if you are a tissue donor.

Additional Resources

  • BC Healthlink’s article on how to become an organ or tissue donor
  • Canadian Transplant Society’s page on Organ and Tissue Donations


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Donna McAteer

Donna McAteer

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