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Customized Laser Hair Removal For Men

For individuals of all genders, the process of laser hair removal works in the same way. However, the exact treatment types, lengths, and areas may vary.

Over the course of the past few years, laser hair removal has increased in popularity among men. This is because it is a quick, easy, and comfortable way to deal with body hair.


Customized Men's Hair Removal Treatments

Treatment Areas

Laser hair removal for women tends to focus on the legs, bikini area, and underarms. However, men tend to have larger amounts of body hair and may seek treatment for excessive facial, back, underarm, or chest hair, in addition to areas such as the legs.

Treatment Length

Because men tend to have darker and denser body hair, they may require more treatments than women to get the same effect: in many cases, this might mean from 5-8 treatments.

At the same time, the fact that men have darker hair makes it easier for most lasers to “lock on” to the hair, which in many cases means that choosing and calibrating the right laser is a quicker process.

Treatment Types

While most women opting for laser hair removal opt to remove all hair, some male patients simply want to thin out excessive body hair.


Why Is Laser Hair Removal Gaining Popularity Among Men?

1. Aesthetics

Many male patients opt to remove or thin their body hair in order to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Our Kelowna hair specialists are able to create a custom treatment plan depending on the patients’ aesthetic goals.

Additionally, many patients with partial hair loss opt to use laser hair removal instead of regularly shaving their head, to remove a “unibrow”, or to remove neck hair. Some patients even opt for laser hair removal on the face so that they can maintain a completely clean-shaven look around the clock.


2. Athletics

Many athletes opt for body hair removal. This may be for either aesthetic or functional reasons. For example, bodybuilders and fitness competitors generally remove all visible body hair to better showcase their musculature in competition.

On the other hand, swimmers and runners may seek to remove body hair to decrease friction: for these athletes, even one-tenth of a second can make a difference between breaking a record and not breaking a record, so they opt to remove this hair.

Those who work out regularly in close-fitting clothing, such as cyclists, may also opt to remove hair that results in chafing and discomfort.


3. Sweating And Discomfort

Removing body hair does not result in better hygiene, however, many male patients find that removing or thinning thick body hair can reduce sweating and skin rashes, especially in summer months.


4. It’s Convenient

It’s all well and good that many male patients want to remove body hair, you might think, but why are they choosing laser hair removal? There are numerous reasons why laser hair removal is a favourite:

  • it is permanent, which saves time and money in the long run
  • it is more comfortable than waxing
  • it does not cause razor bumps or nicks
  • hair can be strategically thinned rather than completely removed, meaning that patients can choose their end result


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Donna McAteer

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