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A Timeline For Laser Hair Removal Treatments

A Timeline For Laser Hair Removal Treatments

If you are considering laser hair removal, you may want to know how many treatments you will need and what results to expect from each. Although every person is different and results per session will vary, there are some general standards you can expect from the laser hair removal process. Typically, laser hair removal sessions are scheduled about 6 weeks apart and it can take between 4 and 8 treatments for optimal results. In between laser hair removal sessions, follow our tips for aftercare to achieve maximum hair removal. Here is a general timeline for laser hair removal so that you can know what to expect and how many treatment sessions you may require.

What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal Treatments

1st Treatment
The length of each session of laser hair removal varies depending on your skin type, the coarseness of your hair as well as the size and location of the treatment area. Typically, average sessions last anywhere between 5 minutes (for the underarms) and 30 minutes (for the legs). Before your laser hair removal appointment, speak to your laser hair removal specialist about any skin sensitivities and how to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment.

2nd Treatment
After your first laser hair removal session, you should have seen an immediate difference in the treatment area, but by this time some hair may be growing back and hair growth may be patchy.

3rd Treatment
At this point, hair growth should be noticeably slowing down, but you will still need at least one more treatment to stop future hair regrowth for a while.

4th Treatment
By treatment 4, patches of hair should be minimal, although they may still be present. Hair growth should be significantly slower and less dense from your first session to now.

5th Treatment
Results may vary by this stage. Some people will still have patches of hair whereas others are completely hair free. If you can’t see any hair regrowth, speak to your laser hair removal specialist to see if you need to book another session. They may suggest one more session to ensure that the hair follicles are adequately affected by treatment so that hair will not regrow.

6th Treatment And Onward
Some people will not need any further laser hair removal treatments after 5 treatments, but others will. This will depend on your hair, how you’ve been caring for the treatment area, and how well your hair follicle reacts to the laser. If hair is still growing or patches (even small ones) are present, more hair removal appointments will be needed. It’s not abnormal to receive up to 8 treatments before hair growth is halted.

Hair growth will stop for a long time after your initial round of laser hair removal treatments. Eventually, your hair follicles will heal and hair growth will begin again. For some people, this can occur within several months, but for others it can take years. When hair does eventually begin to grow back, it will not grow as dense or as thick as it once did. To get rid of regrowth, schedule a laser hair removal for touch ups.

Laser Hair Removal In Kelowna

It’s wonderful to not have to shave or wax while still being able to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin; laser hair removal offers a long-term alternative hair reduction method. Although the process does take some time, the results are entirely worth it. Laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hairs and prickly hair regrowth. To find out more about the costs and benefits of our laser hair removal services for both men and women, and how we can help you achieve smooth and silky skin, call Okanagan Skin Care Centre at 1-250-868-9290 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: Do laser hair removal treatments hurt?
A: You may feel some slight discomfort during your treatment. Patients describe the feeling as a rubber band snapping against their skin. Treatment sessions are very quick, only lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

Q: What are the side effects of laser hair removal?
A: Laser hair removal can leave your skin red for a few hours. It can also temporarily darken or lighten your skin. If you cannot avoid sunlight before and after the treatment or if you have dark skin, speak with a dermatologist or esthetician before committing to the procedure.

Q: Can I have a fake tan on while getting laser hair removal?
A: No, you cannot. It is recommended that you do not use self tanning products for at least 3 weeks prior to your appointment. The area should be carefully exfoliated to remove all residues to ensure that the laser can adequately target the hair follicles.

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