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6 Tips to Protect Your Skin While Wearing a Mask

During this time of COVID-19, masks provide a critical layer of protection against the virus, but they can also irritate the skin, clog pores, and cause acne to flare up. Here’s how to deal with ‘maskne’ and how our skin care experts can help you maintain a clear and beautiful complexion.

Masks play a vital role in reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, they can also be hard on your skin, causing problems that range from acne and peeling skin to rashes and itchiness. Here are the three main ways wearing a mask can lead to breakouts: 

Through friction and chafing, masks can cause irritation. The areas most at risk are the bridge of the nose and where the elastic bands sit behind your ears. 

The material of your mask absorbs the skin’s natural oils, and for some people, this can lead to dryness and sensitivity. When this irritation becomes inflammation, you may notice redness, dry patches, or peeling. If you have a skin condition, such as rosacea or acne, this inflammation can cause a flare-up. 

When your breath becomes trapped beneath the mask, it can make the surface of your skin moist and warm and clog pores, causing an acne flare-up or pimples. 

Worried About Acne Flare-Ups? Our Customized Treatments Have You Covered 

At our Kelowna skin care clinic, we understand how frustrating acne breakouts can be. That’s why we offer fully customized acne treatments and acne skin care products to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and clear complexion, even while wearing a mask. 

We also offer a range of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, including microneedling, IPL photorejuvenation, and chemical peels, to help you achieve glowing and healthy skin. 

Want to know how we can help protect your skin while wearing a mask? 


6 Tips to Protect Your Skin From Irritation While Wearing a Mask

During this challenging period, wearing a mask is more important than ever. However, wearing one regularly can be hard on your skin. Luckily, there are some gentle and effective steps you can take to prevent your mask from causing any skin problems.

This includes: 

  1. Washing your face before putting on your mask. It’s very important to wash your face prior to putting on your mask because dirt and oil from your skin can get trapped beneath the mask and cause breakouts. Opt for a fragrance-free cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing too hard at your skin.
  2. Skip the makeup. Whenever possible, avoid wearing makeup beneath your mask. This is because masks act like occlusive barriers, which means that any trapped makeup will clog pores and lead to breakouts.
  3. Never wear a dirty mask. Apart from increasing your risk of catching COVID-19, wearing a dirty mask will exacerbate your skin issues. This is because dirt and oil from your skin, plus any bacteria from your nose or mouth, will end up on your cloth mask. Make sure you keep a rotation of masks on hand and wash them after every use.
  4. Use a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated while acting as a barrier to friction from your mask. Make sure to choose one that is fragrance-free and avoid heavy products that can clog your skin and exacerbate breakouts.
  5. Stick to fragrance-free laundry detergent. Opt for a fragrance-free laundry detergent when you are washing your mask. Fragrance within the fabric can prove to be an irritant, so you definitely don’t want it on your face.
  6. Choose your masks carefully. The fabric of your mask is also important. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, and rayon on the layer that rests on your skin. These are more likely to cause irritation and breakouts.

Remember, we could be wearing masks for quite some time. The right skin care routine is key to lessening any mask-related skin damage and breakouts. 

We Can Help You Maintain Healthy and Beautiful Skin 

At our Kelowna skin care clinic, we offer a range of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, whether you are concerned about aging, acne, rosacea, or other skin conditions. During a consultation, we can assess your concerns, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle, to determine which skin care treatment will give you the safest and best results. 

To find out more, contact us at 250-868-9290 orbook a consultation online.

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Donna McAteer

Donna McAteer

Donna is the general manager and has been with the Okana­gan Skin Care Cen­tre for over 14 years. She is a certified Es­theti­cian and previous business owner with over 20 years enjoying the skin care industry. Her passion for knowledge, integral client care and maintaining a syn­er­gis­tic team that represents professional excellence in skin care remains her focus.

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