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Kelowna's leading-edge skin and laser clinic for quality service in skin care.

  • Kelowna's Lead­ing-Edge Skin Care Clinic

    Okanagan Skin Care Centre is ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing you with the high­est qual­ity of ser­vice. This video will introduce you to our staff and provide you with a quick look at our clinic. If you're interested in any of our services, please book a consultation so we can help you decide the best treatment for your skin type.

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    Who is Okanagan Skin Care Centre?

    We are the exclusive skin care centre affiliated with the Okanagan’s only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (Okanagan Plastic Surgeons). Quality resources, knowledge sharing, and expert consultation are among the benefits you receive from this relationship. We invite you to our clinic for a consultation.

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  • BOTOX COSMETIC® Treatment in Kelowna

    Are you wondering if BOTOX® treatment is your best option for decreasing facial wrinkles, frown lines, or excessive sweating? In this video we'll explain how BOTOX® treatment works so you get a better idea of the procedure. If you're interested in finding out more, please book a consultation.

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    BOTOX® Treatment Leaves Your Skin Looking Younger

    We've been effectively treating our patients with BOTOX® injections for over 15 years. BOTOX® treatment is a safe, quick and relatively painless way to achieve a more refreshed look.

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  • Do Tissue Fillers Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

    Fillers are used to soften the signs of aging by replacing volume in the skin that has been lost over time. They also “fill in” to help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that concern the client, while producing the desired look.

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  • Face and Body by Ther­mage

    Thermage is a great way to achieve naturally younger looking skin through a non-invasive procedure. In this video Denita, one of our R.N.'s, explains the benefits of Thermage and what makes a good candidate for the treatment. If you're interested in receiving Thermage treatment, please book a consultation to speak with one of our skin care specialists.

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    Why is Thermage Known as “The Non-surgical Facelift”?

    Thermage tightens skin and creates a gentle lift by using a radio frequency current to stimulate collagen production. Ongoing improvement in the skin can be noticeable for up to six months and then maintained according to lifestyle.

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  • How can I manage my acne?

    Our clinic offers different options to treating acne. They may include Blu U with Levulan treatments, Fraxel 1927, peels as well as topical solutions using our skin care products. The products are highly effective, containing active ingredients for optimal correction of the acne.

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Featured Before & After Photos

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Looking to get an idea of the type of results you can expect from our various skin care services? Check out our before & after photos to view a series patient results. Since results vary based on numerous factors, a personal consultation with an expert is the single way to determine what is right for you.

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Mar 5

IPL – the gold standard for Spring skin rejuvenation!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and found that the image you see doesn’t match the way you feel? At Okanagan Skin Care Centre, we have heard some people say they want a safe, quick (no down-time) way to have their skin look smoother, younger and fresher. IPL – Intense Pulsed Light (aka Photo-Rejuvenation) is a technology that uses a broad spectrum light source to target brown pigmentation, redness and rosacea. The resulting heat that is put i… read more

Feb 17

Stack Up the Benefits!

Experience has taught us that people want to keep their skin looking its best for as long as possible. Due to changes and discoveries in the medical anti-aging field, emphasis is now on non-surgical remedies for today’s busy clients.  New techniques continue to be developed to produce amazing results. In our world of skin care, “stacking”  is defined as the use of two or more techniques or modalities simultaneously during one treatment session s… read more

Kelowna's Lead­ing-Edge Skin Care Clinic

You are all wonderful, thanks again!"

"Just wanted to give a thousand thanks to everyone in the skin "care" office for working their magic and being so kind and caring with me. From my youthful skin of a blue peel, my injections, and the product lines to erase the years. You are all wonderful, thanks again!!!"

- A very happy "younger gal", in BC.

Leading-Edge Facility

Our Facility

The Centre's facilities offer you comfort combined with the latest technology, the finest products available and expert healthcare professionals who specialize in this rapidly advancing field.

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

We are the exclusive skin care centre affiliated with the Okanagan’s only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Quality resources, professionalism and knowledge sharing are among the benefits you receive from this relationship.

Skin Care Specialists

Skin Care Specialists

Okanagan Skin Care Centre has a female-oriented staff who are devoted to delivering quality care for all your skin concerns. Our professional staff, including R.N.’s and aestheticians, are highly trained in a full range of products and services.

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